Plans to build an Entire Skate Park


Plans and step by step construction manual to build

low cost skateboard ramps, kickers, fun boxes and more.

By GA Projects

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Build ramps, fun boxes, kickers, pipes and more from our easy to follow construction manualEasy build low cost ramps, kickers, fun boxes and more.  Our illustrated construction manual will carefully lead you through every stage with detailed instructions and manufacturing guides. All parts and materials are widely available. Simple design makes construction a breeze with no complicated or difficult to make joints and fittings.



Who better to ask about a skate park than skaters? We did just that and local kids became the driving force behind this project.  During development we built no end of skateboard ramps and devices for kids to Tyron drops in on the large skateboard rampskate on and simply watched to see which ones got used. Once we had an idea of what kids wanted the most popular designs were gradually refined until our intrepid testers agreed that we had got things right. Indeed they were instrumental in its development readily offering criticism and generally inspiring innovations in design. The first skateboard ramps we made were just too steep to be useful so substantial research had to be invested 20 page skate park construction manual including ramps pipes funboxes kickers and morein finding optimal angles and curvature for these components. We know from past experience that kids donít hold back when they criticise and are not interested in practicalities, they just want results. This unwavering regime led us to build better and better skate park components until the kids were satisfied (or as near to satisfied as we were ever likely to achieve).


Ryan on small ramp on a small skateboard rampOther important criteria in all our projects are ease of manufacture and availability of materials. Most of the components are made exclusively from plywood and pine so we donít anticipate problems acquiring materials. Fun boxes have rectangular cross section lengths of galvanised steel (or aluminium) that we also Skate park see sawexpect to be widely available.


Our skate park is modular in design so kids can have fun with each piece individually while other components await manufacture. Furthermore your skate park can grow as large (or small) as you want it to be so there is no commitment to a massive structure or a protracted construction project.



Note that all documents are in Microsoft Word format



Easy projects for the home handymanGA Projects specialise in designing low cost projects that any practical individual with basic handyman tools and ability can build. We avoid the need for special machinery or skills (e.g. welding) and ensure all our projects are made from readily available parts and materials. All projects are easy to build and are carefully scrutinised for quality and safety. We supply comprehensive, illustrated plans and construction manuals to guide you through every step of the way.



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GA Projects supply plans and construction manuals only, not the products themselves or the materials to build them. All projects are designed with the DIY enthusiast and home handyman in mind. Products are not intended for commercial use nor are they generally suitable for mass production. We maintain copyright over all published material and prohibit unauthorised copying and/or distribution in any form. If you do wish to redistribute our material or to produce a commercial version of our projects then please contact us before doing so and if necessary we will negotiate an agreement.



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