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Build a Kids Ride on Tank


Easy to build, low cost battery powered kids ride on tank. A straightforward do it yourself project with spectacular results. Complete plans and illustrated comprehensive step by step construction manuals are available for immediate download


We always knew kids would love our ride on tank but had no idea how much they liked it until the first usable prototype was completed. From the moment they saw it we realised the tank was going to be a real hit. One problem the kids found was that adults tend to hog the tank. Itís a great machine, lots of fun to play with and a very satisfying project to complete.


Please note that the GA Projects tank uses automotive generators (not alternators) which are then, as part of the project, converted to bi-directional electric motors. These generators are gradually becoming difficult to obtain and we recommend you check local availability before you purchase our plans. Eventually generators will become so rare that weíll have to delete our favourite project from the line up. Fortunately there are still some out there so we will keep the tank alive for the time being. At this stage we have not come up with an economically viable alternative to power the vehicle.


Kids ride on tank ready for actionOur battery powered Kids Ride On Army Tank is aimed at ages seven and upward. Like all our other projects we will Wooden construction simplyfies tank manufacturesupply plans and a comprehensive, illustrated construction manual to guide you through every step of the way. The Kids Ride On Army tank is certainly easy to build and does not require machining, welding or even soldering to complete. Being built around a simple wooden chassis, only basic handyman tools and ability is assumed. Second hand automotive generators are used to drive the tank and a single automotive battery provides plenty of power. All parts and materials are readily available from good hardware stores and automotive part suppliers. Kids loved the prototypes and couldnít wait to get their hands on the finished article. They also provided a mine of information regarding what they like and want (kids donít hold back when they criticise!)


All our projects have to endure the G test. If it can withstand big Gís 124 Kg (272 lbs) it can survive most things. Check out the big fella putting our tank to the ultimate test. Talk about a child in an adults body, it Big G does his version of a load testtook us an hour to get him off the tank and back into the workshop.


The gearbox and tracks make some great tank noises, they werenít actually designed to make a noise but kids and adults alike agree that this is a real feature.


Our manuals are currently only available in English with Australian spelling J All documents are available in both PDF and Microsoft Word.doc format. Dimensions are denoted in both metric and imperial measurements.




Sample pages from our manual


Gearbox sample page
Electrics sample page††Tracks sample page


Click on any of the sample pages above to view contents.

(Microsoft Word format)




Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions

Generally the tank costs about $US105 in materials. We have assumed that you can get a couple of old auto generators for about $US10 each though this seems to vary dramatically from region to region. Batteries need to be added on top of material costs, this can be anywhere from $US30 for a small 12V automotive battery (minimum requirement) to $US150 for two large capacity deep cycle batteries (a bit of a luxury but lasts for ages).


Our test constructors reported total project times of 25 to 55 hours with an average of about 42 hours. Much to our surprise it was the more experienced constructors who reported long project times (we don't have an explanation for this).


Tanks speed is about a steady walking pace for 12V versions and a fast walking pace for 24V tanks


Tank construction does not require machining, welding or soldering


The tank certainly works well over uneven surfaces particularly 24V versions.


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