Understanding Electricity and Basic Electronics.

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The best and easiest to follow introduction to electricity and basic electronics available online



There are countless numbers of people in this world who would love to understand the basic principles of electricity and electronics but are intimidated by the subject. Having read a number of educational texts on the matter it is easy to see why many find it difficult to follow the contents. One of the problems in writing technical instructions is that the authors are so well acquainted with the subject matter that it is difficult for them to appreciate what a beginner does and doesnít comprehend. Electron suborbitals may make perfect sense to an expert but is just gobbledygook to someone starting to learn about electricity. It seems that the writer is often keener to show how clever they are than to inform the reader.

Our authors have endeavored to explain the subject while avoiding as much as possible the heavy-duty science that so easily and unnecessarily confuses a novice. The purpose of this exercise is to build understanding rather than simply educate readers towards facts and figures


Electronics surround us, we almost canít live without them. By understanding some of their operation the world suddenly becomes less baffling.


We guide the reader from discovering what electricity actually is right through to being able to read and understand basic electronic schematic diagrams. With detailed illustrations, photos and easy to follow text learning about electricity and basic electronics has never been easier.


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Understanding electricity and basic electronics sample page††Understanding electricity and basic electronics sample page†††



Part 1

We begin by looking at a brief history of electricityís discovery. While following the development of knowledge and ideas over time a basic understanding of electricity can be nurtured.

Part 2

Creating electricity, we examine how electricity can be created both chemically and dynamically.

Part 3

Putting electricity to use. From electromagnets onwards we look at how electricity can be utilised.

Part 4

Components. Resistors to integrated circuits, this section introduces individual component groups

Part 5

Electronic circuits, the business end. This segment goes all the way from series and parallel circuits right through to circuit schematics and real world applications.



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